About our Local Church . . . 

At Medford First United Methodist Church or Church of the Rogue, we want to offer a progressive form of Christianity that embraces science, affirms people with different sexual or gender identities, and promotes a religious attitude of personal growth and service to others over an obedience centered religion based on beliefs and doctrines.  We are a church that is transitioning from an older, traditional congregation filled with people who have always attended church to a congregation of people from their mid 30s on up, many of whom have not attended much church.   We seek to offer creative worship services that inspire, challenge, educate, entertain and transform.   We define God through the stories of Jesus so we think of God as infinitely merciful and loving, even while God continues to challenge and surprise us.

About our Methodist Connection . . .

Open Hearts- Our hearts are full of love for our local community and our world. Our service reflects that love.

We recognize that the way we treat one another is the best expression of what we really believe.

We follow Jesus on the path toward social justice for all, focusing on the immediate needs of the poor and oppressed In the world.

We show our love for God’s creation by supporting thoughtful stewardship.

Open Minds- We all think in different ways, but when we work together to serve others we share a common goal.

We are informed by a careful consideration of Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience. Each of these speak to us in a unique way as we make decisions in our daily lives.

  • Through Scripture we share in the long struggle to understand God
  • Through Tradition we gain insight from those who have followed the path before us
  • Through Reason we temper our beliefs by contemplating the complexities of modern life
  • Through Experience we are able to express our relationship with God through Jesus

Open Doors- Our doors swing wide, not just to let others in but so that we can all get out to serve our community.

We recognize that a variety of spiritual paths have led people to our doors and we are respectful of those journeys.

Because we find value in and celebrate human diversity, we welcome people of every color, economic status, ability, nationality, gender and sexual orientation.

We seek to be in community with people regardless of where their search has taken them so far . . . the believers, the curious, the skeptics, the disillusioned, the disappointed.